A term normally found on college campuses, the title became popular when many people did not have early morning classes on Fridays, allowing them to drink and party on Thursday night. Every Thursday of every week durring the semester is Thirsty Thursday; there is no specific or special date for it.
Dude it's Thirsty Thursday! Stop studying and have a beer!
by Jaydoggy May 13, 2006
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An early start to the weekend for many college students who go out and get sloppy on Thursday night.
"Hey, are you going to study that Psych tonight?"
"Hell no! It's Thirsty Thursday!"
by Italian Stallion 555 September 15, 2006
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The term orginated in bars to promote specials but is now most often used as a day when college students get drunk.
It is thirsty Thursday, lets get trashed and make poor choices!
by dancinundrstars7 April 6, 2011
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A term used for partying on Thursday nights primarily on college campuses. This term also inspired an album of the same name "Thirsty Thursday" by a new funk/rock band called TallBoys. About just such a night, as the album goes on the audience is meant to get more intoxicated.
Hey man you're almost on your 2nd beer, now is the perfect time for us to jam out with TallBoys on this Thirsty Thursday!
by Thoisty thoisday February 4, 2014
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More recently redefined as a night of unsavoury desperate behaviour exhibited by single individuals at countless drinking venues around the country, regardless of whether they are Students or not. Intoxicated members of the public plagued by irremediable loneliness develop a natural thirst for attention. Males can often be seen impersonating thirsty hoes and violence can break out amongst them in displays of ritualised agnostic behaviour. Competition can be fierce due to the females being heavily outnumbered by the males. The thirst is real.
Boy1:"Yeah Boyyy its Thirsty Thursday You Coming to Norton's Bar!!?"
Boy2: "Standaaaard! theres gonna be loads of rat out"

Girl1: "Yeah Girlll we're going out tonight right? It's Thursday and i'm thirsty!"
Girl2: "Yeahhh Obvs!! If the RAF's out, my rats out!!"
by Dikembe Mutomboe January 9, 2014
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Thirsty Thursday’s is where every single human being on earth is aloud to be thirsty for sex.
Dam girl it’s thirsty Thursday, go out and get you some dick!
by Samayarose December 19, 2019
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Much like “Titty Tuesday” or “Wet Wednesday” when themed selfies can be sent for a fun surprise to a friend or partner, “Thirsty Thursday” is when a selfie or picture is taken while giving a blow job.
Let’s take a Thirsty Thursday photo. Drop your pants.
by DDDDaring August 8, 2019
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