The coolest final boss theme in the history of gaming, beating In The Final, U.N Owen Was Her, Doomsday Zone, and One Winged Angel combined!
Genius: Hey, you're back!
Idiot: Yeah, the doctor said that being shot by a cowboy cheese man is very recoverable *Cough* *Cough* *The Vigilante definition* *cough* *cough*
Genius: Well, what's your favorite track?
Idiot: Oh no, I NOT discussing Pizza Tower any further, I am NOT getting shot again!
Genius: I'll give you a lolipop! *THAT CYBERT CHANNEL DEFI-*
Idiot: Pizza Time-
Pizzaface: That was, heh, UNEXPECTED!
Genius: Wow! Pizzaface! I love Unexpectancy! Good job making it!
Pizzaface: Thanks!
Genius: So, you wanna...maybe...
Pizzaface: SHOWTIME
by Flameonoodle April 5, 2023
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Some crazy sh*t that knocks the socks out of you. Well that or something you just didn't see coming.
idiot01: Dude, that ugly lady's face popping out like that was SO unexpected.
idiot02: Dude, you saying a word with more than three syllables is unexpected!
by causeidontsayfck February 8, 2009
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I had a memorable unexpection yesterday after my friend accidentally grazed my crotch with her hand.
by Lamb Lamb October 14, 2009
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Something that cannot be expected
Person 1: "What if Dick Cheney was our substitute teacher for the day?"
Person 2: "That's... really unexpectable."
by exodusprime May 9, 2010
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an antonym of expected
what is not expected
finding something you weren't looking for.
Doesn't "expecting the unexpected" make the 'unexpected expected', and the 'expected unexpected?'
by MWAHu November 8, 2006
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when something happens that wasn't meant to. something catches you off guard
He was everything i ever wanted in a guy in an unexpecting way.
by chicabonita_12 July 8, 2008
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