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It tells the truth. That's why people hate it so much; because by having no other distraction you have to face the facts. The thoughts you always want to avoid are heard in the silence.
by causeidontsayfck March 17, 2009
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How you define afterlife usually depends on your religion; now that's not my area of expertise, but I do believe that there IS an afterlife. Because people can't ultimately die; subconsciously we pass on our traits: our laughter, our thoughts, our values, our beliefs, etc.
These are parts of who we are, parts that we can't take to the grave and won't rot away with our body. Plus, I don't think people can stand the fact of saying the big 'Good-bye'. So afterlife is a way of thinking positive, even if there never is real proof. Belief is a strong emotion; it can do miracles.
Where do you think you'll end up after this sh*tty life?
What kind of afterlife will we be in?
by causeidontsayfck February 8, 2009
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Some crazy sh*t that knocks the socks out of you. Well that or something you just didn't see coming.
idiot01: Dude, that ugly lady's face popping out like that was SO unexpected.
idiot02: Dude, you saying a word with more than three syllables is unexpected!
by causeidontsayfck February 8, 2009
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