An individual(who without legal authority) takes the law into their own hands in order to suppress criminal activity with violent tactics
This vigilante act is capitalizing on ceasing crimes faster that the police.
by The real Jester August 05, 2016
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An outlaw who punishes lawbreakers personally and illegally instead or relying on the inadequate law enforcers of society.
A vigilante could be either a robin hood-ish rescuer of the weak and destitute, a suspect-zero-ish killer of other killers, or a borderline insane killer of "bad people" (se7en).
They say Batman is nothing more than a vigilante. I say, what's so bad about that? Gotham's never felt so safe.
by D-Vo January 21, 2006
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Someone like The Coon or Mysterion who takes crime into their own hands because the legal force is not doing an adequate job.
If you ask me, there's no room in this world for vigilantes. I believe The Coon is a menace.
by Myserion February 19, 2014
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Individual who decides to take the law into his or her own hands. Usually due to incompetence by autority or individuals who can't deal with the issue.
A vigilante decided to kill the leaders of two dangerous gangs so the neighborhood is safer for children.
by Brian April 13, 2005
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na na na na na BATMAN......

Basically, when law enforcement is doing a shit job beacuse....

A) There is to much crime

B) They are confined by the law in some way

C) They are corrupt

D) They are stupid and just don't care

Someone rises above all the bullshit and beats the ever living fuck out of the "bad guys" AKA criminals and yes this includes woman... I don't want to be sexist. I mean seriously? Haley Quinn anyone?

They rescue the victims, and disappear into the shadows. Like BATMAN!!!!! ;)
The new vigilante of malunaga city saves New Westford bank after attempted robbery. The police having arrived to the crime with all attackers knocked out and restrained. No causality's and no serious injury's thanks to our new hero ehhem vigilante!
by sora redhood September 22, 2018
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What happens when "Innocent Until Proven Guilty" is completely ignored and being declared guilty by the Court of Public Opinion reaches its logical conclusion.
All of Bob's peers are convinced that he's the one who stole Alice's car, even though he was legally declared innocent due to lack of evidence to prove it. So they all resorted to Vigilantism and piled on him like vultures.
by BlueDragon992 April 15, 2018
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