unspiced foods, particularly cupcakes. Or plain foods.
"these undressed cupcakes look terrible, time to dress them up."
by Big V dog December 19, 2021
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capable of being undressed, with no clothes, naked.
'Cause it's beautiful

Ooh, you make me feel undressable

(#Beautiful by Mariah Carey)
by mosomot August 19, 2013
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to remove clothing (ie. .. shorts, pants, shirts, bra, panties)
i am undressing; wanna watch?
by CPlay May 28, 2008
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A gun or gat. Typically used by o.g.'s and straight gangstas.
Shareef: Yo, son, come through wit tha undresser.I got some fools that need blastin on.

Troy: Iight, nigga. Hoody Hooooooooo
by g~kiss December 10, 2006
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An ambiguous term that can be applied to describe something that is open to interpretation, in order to disguise it's true meaning. Used to be vague about the true nature of what is being discussed. The more it doesn't make sense, the better.
Steven: What does 'undress the mule' mean?
Scott: It means to undress the mule.
Steven: How do I undress the mule on undressing the mule?
Scott: Well, what do you think? How would one undress a mule?
Kyle: The more important question is, do you believe?
Steven: Do I believe in undressing the mule?
Kyle: No. Do you believe?
Steven: ...
by RRCsteve June 24, 2011
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mentally disrobing someone nearby, imaging unclothed 'prime parts' -"there HAS to be some sweet stuff hiding under all those clothes"!!
john and sean began to visually undress the statuesque female strutting by

nearly 'juicing' over the spectrum, ron continued visually undressing the passer by

a nude beach trip totally derailed his/her tendency to visually undress
by michael foolsley January 10, 2010
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