The act of slowly, and cautiously removing your penis from your partners anus. Pain varies on dick size, width, and hardness.
by The Innocent People Unified November 14, 2016
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to self-felate in order to put an end to constipation, known statement from Bukowsky's "Post Office"
I haven't taken a shit in six days, I'm about to unclog the system.
by Nuno Berkeley Cotter December 7, 2006
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1. It is another way of saying male masturbation.

2. Refers to that one clump of constipation blocking up a load of diarrhea.
Person a: Why were you in the toilet for so long?
Person b: sorry man, was unclogging the pipes.
Person a: That's disgusting.
(Applies to both definitions)
by Obligatory Dick Joke May 4, 2015
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To fuck someone who is constipated in the ass and cum, whereby lubricating the anal passages and allowing the backed up shit to drain out.
My girl was complaining that she was constipated so I fucked her in the ass to unclog the drain
by NinjaC0ck69 December 20, 2015
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One of the "prime" features that any sensible-minded gal --- especially one with one or more furry feline companions --- secretly jopes to see in a guy's "about me" details when perusing the personals ads.
Ladies, if a dude whom you're dating treats you respectfully and is a cheerful-natured helper and therefore "will unclog a toilet and clean up cat-puke" without grumbling or without even being asked to do it, hang onto him for dear life --- he's d-e-f-i-n-i-t-e-l-y a "keeper", hands down!
by QuacksO August 4, 2018
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To fuck a girl until he juices spill out
Can I unclog your insides with my penis?
by Denbklyn April 25, 2020
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