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Something that causes someone to get angry, or sexually aroused.
"Those fantasies really gets me going, though."
"The way he speaks gets me going, I promise you."
by BATMN every day January 06, 2018

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An infamous Minecraft parody song of "Take On Me" from A-ha on YouTube by a little kid. He sings the song very poorly and ends up just screeching into the already bad mic, making the voice quality beautiful.
"Mine diamonds...
M I N E D I A M O N D S"
by BATMN every day December 14, 2018

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Typically used online

Reading how a person types and comparing it to how someone else types, which could help add suspicion that those two are actually the same person. This tactic is defined and also used in the game "Town of Salem", where people read the way a Death Note is typed compared to how town members type, which can help add suspicion on to them as the murderer.
A town member on a game of Town of Salem had the same perfect grammar as was featured in some Death Notes. Turns out my scum reading worked; they were the Mafioso!
by BATMN every day December 11, 2018

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Literally the worst yet most popular app as of 2018. It's an actual Chinese knock-off of the app Musical.ly. It's where people (normally adults who have nothing better to do, which is anything):

1. Mime to a song
2. Mime to a movie/TV show/video clip
3. Talk and try to be cool/funny
4. Duet to mime along with another person
5. Duet to react personally to the other person's work.
6. Duet to meme and make fun of the other person
7. Duet to meme along with the other person.
8. Duet to a duet (and so on).

The app received infamous by how poorly these mimes or videos/duets were. Because of this, people began to make accounts just to roast, meme, or take the video too literally or do a funny spin on it, usually in a duet. Most of the time they just do a Fortnite dance. This spawned "Ironic Tik Toks", a series of videos that included trolling or ironic videos. Other people reacted by making videos telling the "bullies" to stop "bullying" people, and this only made the "bullying" worse. Now the app has reached a point of no return and will die in the Meme Hell.
"Yo, you wanna play a game?"
"No bitch I gotta make a Tik Tok talking about how I wanna be Tracer."

"Yo, you wanna play a game?"
"Hold on I gotta Fortnite dance in front of this furry xdd"
by BATMN every day December 13, 2018

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In reality, a lack of belief in a God.

Atheism can be caused by all sorts of situations. Even reading the Bible had turned people into Atheists because of some passages in the Bible and thinking about it.

Atheists can also be known as "agnostic atheists", who are those who don't believe in a God UNTIL there is substantial proof that one exists.

Atheists are looked down upon and are treated poorly by some religious people. These types of people will try to force the atheist to become religious. If that fails, they could devolve into threats about them going into Hell. Some atheists can be subjected to assault, battery, or other crimes because of their points of view.

Atheism does not mean Satanism, which is the belief of Satan or the Devil. Atheists also don't believe that Satan exists. Atheism can also be known as a group of people who have no morals, which is generally incorrect. Most religious people argue that if they became an atheist they could go around raping or murdering people because their book or talk isn't holding them back anymore.

Atheists can also be assholes to other religious people, but just like vise versa, this is not a general statement.
Christianity and Atheism have always been very hard subjects to talk about together.
by BATMN every day December 14, 2018

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Writing that is so pretentious and extravagant that it sounds like the author is full of themselves and distracts the reader from the actual story itself.
The Creepypasta "Blood Whistle" has so much purple prose that it makes it look like the author has never played a violent video game in his life.
by BATMN every day December 01, 2018

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A YouTuber/Twitch streamer that plays primarily Clone Hero (Guitar Hero). Tends to play meme songs/charts. Failed to be the first to FC Soulless 4.
Acai was beaten by Darkly on the race to FC Soulless 4.
by BATMN every day January 31, 2019

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