A man who made millions of people laugh ( his youngins ), the kindest man you would ever meet cared about everyone. But he has recently passed away December of 2017. R.i.p angry grandpa
Have you seen angry grandpa’s new video?

Yea! I love him so much me makes me laugh when I’m down
by March2nd December 12, 2017
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A fat trailer trash grandpa who enjoys eating candy and yelling at his wife. On Youtube. Oldest videos were the best but have been progressivly been getting more fake.
Did you watch that angry grandpa vid last night?

Nah, its fake.
by ed4all10 December 27, 2011
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When you run in on your mate having sex and shout "That's not how the kids used to do it in my day!"
Jesus Christ, Gary angry grandpa'd me last night, I think Brittany's parents heard!
by Wooiikii September 26, 2013
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