(n.) a common name used to mock/describe a Black woman from the inner city...this name would include all of the stereotypes: long fake braids, big butt, ghetto voice
Damn, this biatch keeps flipping her digusting horse hair on me...! Yo Shaniqua, get your shiat out of my face!
by CNC March 25, 2005
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1. The ghettoest of ghetto names.
2. A stereotypical name used to refer to loud, ghetto African-American females.
3. Referenced in the movie Bringing Down the House and the song Shaniqua by Little T
Shaniqua: Oh no, u didn't just diss me, ho! *takes off earrings* Yo, hold me back, hold me back!
by ebayfeen October 4, 2007
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bad ass bitch with a bad ass attitude. dont mf try her nigga
friend: yall seen this baddie called shaniqua?
Shaniqua: i know?
by youre cancelled June 12, 2019
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The name you enter on the delivery form when ordering a ridiculously large amount of Pizza.
Doorbell rings
Jacob answers doorbell
Pizza delivery guy: "uhmmm... pizza for...Shaniqua?"
Jacob: "I'm Shaniqua. Yeah. What of it GUUURRRLLLL" *Snap snap snap* "uh-huhhh"
by VBEAR July 12, 2012
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Top ratchet girl name of 2014
Top ratchet boy name of 2014 was Daquan
Hey yo Shaniqua! I hear you go out with Daquan now!
by squirrel11 April 7, 2015
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a. To completely wig out in a ghetto way.

b. To use lots of ghetto slang and attitude while bitching someone out.
Some bill collector called me and when I said I don't have any money she went all Shaniqua on me.
by cardofdoom July 16, 2010
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