The act of hitting a person (usually across the face) with your penis.

The name comes from the sound it makes on impact.
First person to pass out tonight recieves a 'clumping'.
by Fitzyy November 8, 2006
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(n) clump - someone who is being lame; a loser.
1. Why are you being such a clump? Snap out of it!

Origin: The classic definition of clump is a small lump of something, and is generally used when describing something nasty. Hence the connection with someone whose behavior is reminiscent of an unappealing little lump of something gross.
by jasa jalt May 19, 2010
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the act of hitting someone in the arm in an a.d.d. fashion. often saying "thats it, your getting clumped"
-dude he fucked my girlfriend
-are you serious?
-yeah, he's getting a good clumping
by shayz oner November 2, 2010
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The clump (on a fat person) is the roll of fat that starts just above the genitalia and ends under the belly-button.
by Mykel Flynn November 17, 2007
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the sound a turd makes when hitting the water in a toilet bowl.
the poop went clump
by Anonymous September 18, 2003
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The act of clinging and humping at the same time.
When I see Maxi, I'm going to clump him
by Anonymous July 29, 2003
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To fill cover or fill with jizz.
i got crazy after that porno and clumped my car.

i totally clumped her face both ways.

she got clumped from the neck down.

i cant believe i clumped the entire fish tank
by Kirkdog and Jizzmaster May 22, 2010
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