Breasts shown with the aide of twitter.
Meghan McCain's recent post showing the novel and her twitties!
by DesertRatJohn October 16, 2009
Twitter images of oversized, unrealistic breasts. Usallualy on twitter accounts dedicated to anime "Art" and video games. Someone who posts lots of these images has an unrealistic expectation of the female form and are often single white males.
Man did you see all the dank twitties that Kurt posted today, he really does love his anime.
by scorpion_m1 September 8, 2017
Twitty is a portmanteau of the terms Twitter and witty. An adjective, it is used to describe an especially amusing or ingeniously clever and often biting or ironic remark produced in 140 characters. Twitty remarks are sent via the online social networking service Twitter. The term was created in Sacramento, California on February 19, 2013.
That tweet was real twitty!!
by capitolalert February 21, 2013
Dutch slang for online bitching. (mostly on twitter)
It's the combination of fittie and twitter.
Dude, mark was in a big ass twittie with his ex last night. Someone even called the cops.
by zwijn January 17, 2014
a Twitty is what you would call a Ginger, a Nazi, a Whore, and/or a Weaboo Queen. It works best when needing to insult someone with out the insulty knowing, whether they actually are really a ginger/nazi/whore/weaboo is irrelevant.
Person1: "Hey did you see that skank just walk past us?"
Person2: "Yeah, she is such a Twitty."
by glompmonster April 2, 2010
Adjective. Referring to a person who updates their twitter, myspace, facebook, or forthcoming popular social network's status/mood/"what are you doing now?" with grandiloquent or high-sounding one liners regularly three or more times per day with the intention of directly advertising the ample size of their brain or indirectly indicating the emptiness of their being.
A twitty post looks something like: "Jackie realized that the money she spent on liquor in the last week could probably pay for the education of an African child. So, I guess, sorry Mwanajuma."

but is not limited to:
"Paul: The Spirit was OK - I wouldn't recommend paying full price for it. There will be some that love it. Just not me."

"Jen is."
by Pabloriginal December 31, 2009
First used by Snoop Dogg, the term refers to the pussy of a woman.
Snoop tickled that pink twitty, til she squirted.
by youknowit April 12, 2003