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A negative term directed to anyone overly obsessed with Japanese culture to the point where they become annoying.Used frequently on the image boards of 4chan.

Most weaboos are uneducated about their obsession of choice and are often noobs who are overly zealous, trying to impress others with their otaku knowledge. Another trait of a weaboo is their desire to "be Japanese".

While the two terms are often fused together, weaboos are very different from anime fans or enthusiasts. A fan may be just as enthusiastic and knowlegable
about Japanese culture, mainly anime, but they neither boast about their knowledge nor call themselves otaku(because of its known negative connatation).

Weaboo: Liek OMG, did anyone see the Inuyasha Movie 3 on teh the Cartoons Network last night! LOLZ Sesshomaru is SO HOTT!!!

Weaboo 2:I hope the Naruto fillers end soon LOL

Humble anime fan: STFU weaboos

by Sir DJ Twizzler August 15, 2006
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One who has a mania for music.
I am a melomaniac.
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A kid or teen, usually American, who wants to become Japanese. They spend most of their time watching anime, reading manga, and playing video games. They think that they know so much about japanese culture, but in fact know practically nothing. The easiest way to spot a weaboo is through the way they talk. They will over use many Japanese words including

And that's about it.
Other person: not another weaboo...
by Zariie February 27, 2015
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Someone who is obsessed with Japanese culture (most likely including anime, manga, etc.) to the extent that they believe that they are and can speak Japanese, ironically disrespecting the culture in the process. Often used to insult people who simply enjoy Japanese culture. Also shortened to weeb.
"Oh my god he's such a weaboo, he can't even speak Japanese properly and he thinks he knows everything about Japan."
by Black Kitten August 22, 2016
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A derogatory term for an anime fan that is so obsessed with Japanese media culture that they think of themselves as superior to their own nationality and/or somehow "Japanese" even though they don't really know shit about Japan beyond "they eat noodles, sushi, soup, like to read manga and watch anime." Basically an ultra turbo nerd version of an otaku or Japanophile. They are oftentimes assholes and ride the tallest horses known to man simply because they have watched something you haven't.
Weaboo: HA! I've already read The Hunger Games, it's called Battle Royale, bet you've never heard of that.

Normal Person: No, what's Battle Royale?

Weaboo: It's a superior story to that terrible American rip off of a book, Battle Royale or gtfo. I'm so immature that I can't tolerate people not liking what I like. I'm a waste of matter. Pass me my super Japanese noodles I bought from Walmart in the ethnic food isle.
by CaptainButtchin January 10, 2014
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a stinky teen who lives in their moms attic and watches anime all day
sean is a weaboo
by cbagli March 29, 2020
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people who think they know Japanese,just cause they watch anime,or read manga.
guy number 1.'you watch naruto?'
guy number 2.'yeah i know Japanese cause' of it'
guy number1.'you're now probably a weaboo'
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by your mom 12344556 July 09, 2016
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