adj attractive, desirable, or of high quality
Imma hit her up tonight no doubt, that ass lookin full price.
by left my heart in saskatoon February 13, 2015
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a person that you are willing to pay full price on and for. someone worth the long term investment.
that girl is a perfect 10, she's full price fine.
by racerxmas May 28, 2011
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1. A person that charges you full price at your local bar
2. A person of jewish decent that charges you full price at any establishment.
3. A roommate/friend that charges you full price for drinks that you didn't ask for at a local establishment, namely Bennigan's.
<Radames>Dude, I went to Bennigan's and asked Lance for a Sprite. He gave me two Crown and Gingers, then charged me for three of them. What a fucking Full Price Jew.
<Boston>JEW CLAW!!
by Ghost February 5, 2005
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A term created by Asia-based online shopping portal It stands for the final fixed price that buyers will pay for their items at their merchants’ site, inclusive of shipping charges and taxes and duties. Through their patented technology, is able to provide full-landed prices in local currencies on their partner's product pages, saving users the hassle of having to calculate these factors on their own.
Merchants' Price: US$34.99 +
Shipping & Handling: US$6.06 +
Sales Tax: US$3.39 +

= Full Landed Price of US$44.44 (approx SGD$65.32)
by MADNESS! April 27, 2009
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