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To make someone feel awkward or confused after making a direct sexually awkward comment to that person.
Person 1: You make me so freakin horny
Person 2: what...?
Person 1: Hahaha You've just been twitted!
Person 2: ohh ahahahahah
by You've just been twitted June 12, 2013
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Having tweeted something really stupid. Stupidity in <132 characters.
You won't believe what idiocy (you-know-who) twitted today!
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by SirYbral April 18, 2018
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To slam drinks and or bong beer, the (twitted) person gets drunk before anyone else.
My friend last night got so twitted, he was drunk before your third beer. He is so extreme, his pre-game is harder than you party.
by rob1892 November 15, 2007
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