A place infinitely more preferable than St. Johns College, Cambridge.
"Oh, I'd rather be at Oxford than at Johns"
by Viking Adam May 10, 2006
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The finest institution of higher learning in the English-speaking world. Educator of philosophers, Kings, Presidents, and other eminent individuals. Also quite a lovely town, replete with beautiful scenery and impressive architecture.

Often derided by a tribe of ill-mannered savages who "study" somewhere in the wilds of East Anglia.
Bloke 1: "I'll have you know, I study at Cambridge."

Bloke 2: "Brilliant! I'll mention you to my flatmates up at Oxford, we are looking for a new butler."
by DreamingSpires August 24, 2004
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Beautiful if congested British city, home to Oxford Brookes University and the somewhat older (c.1167) Thames Valley Polytechnic, also known as the University of Oxford. The UoO is the oldest university in the English-speaking world, and its early status as the only one also marks the last time it was at the top of the league tables. Currently placed at no.10 worldwide, it lags behind Cambridge in 2nd and eight others from the nouveau riche colonies.

Oxford has supplied the world with many of its leading politicians and lawyers, but despite this fact has somehow escaped global retribution. The sort of person who graduates from this university is perhaps best demonstrated by the fact that Jeffrey Archer had little trouble convincing people he was an Oxford man, although in fairness he was later found to be too conniving a little shit even for Oxfraud.

Currently run by a Kiwi, the University of Oxford enters the 21st Century much as it entered the 19th; with the sound of grumbling old men in leather chairs, some beautifully-manicured lawns and the eternal whiff of institutional homosexuality.

Oxford is also famous for being a place preferable to St. John's College, Cambridge, a fact which marginally elevates Oxford but does Johns no favours whatsoever.
Oxford graduands are now able to choose between being awarded the BA, or accepting the more useful equivalent in Airmiles.
by Hughnon October 11, 2006
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english university full of meat-heads and a few actually clever students. the meat-heads (usually public schoolboys with more salmon-pink shirts than brain cells) like to think they're geniuses (not "genii", you conceited idiot) because they go to oxford, failing to realise that this is not much of an achievement in itself. it's what you do there that counts, twat.
"Tarquin's got into oxford to read history"
"oh, how fabulous for him. of course, paying thousands of pounds for his private education and then a whole lot more for private coaching and interview practice were nothing to do with this colossal achievement. he got in entirely on his own steam"
"but of course"
by Richard E grant August 13, 2006
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A small city in the midlands of the UK. Would not be famous at all if it wasnt for one of the best and oldest universities in the world. Not much really happens but its still a good place to live, nice and safe. Alot of people will say its full of stuck up people from the university, which is true to an extent, but you have to remember they are not actually from oxford, and have came from all over the UK and the world. Lots of weird/hippyish interesting drugged up people that make the place unique. Other than that its like anyother place. Shitty high street with shitty chain shops. Great for being outdoors. In summer you can not top a day sitting by the river in uni parks or christchurch with a few beers and a spliff. Good pubs also.
A nice place, Oxford
by The Marvelous Slut February 25, 2010
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A city in Oxfordshire: England. Famous for it's university, which is like quite old. Less famous for it's traffic jams and the general depression outsiders acquire having to listen to Oxford students blather on about how getting a degree is the only way you’ll get ahead in life.
Thank fuck I only have to work in this shithole of a place called Oxford!
by sine October 23, 2004
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A town with a messed up intersection, 5 restaurants all next to each other, a school full of hicks, and a public bathroom (aka the oxford pool) The only thing to do here is to leave. If you blink while you drive through it you will miss it.
Hey were coming into oxford" 1 second later "Hey were leaving Oxford
by Rabidteddybear January 28, 2011
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