Twanged / twanging / Twangage - The art of discretely unclipping a females bra with the click of your finger and thumb in one swift move to create a look of panic on the recipient of the twang. This tends to work best on an attractive work colleague at Christmas parties etc.
I cant believe you twanged me at the party
by SecretSanta2011 December 21, 2011
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the past tense of the verb to twangmeaning to give it someone sexually
'i twanged her good last night!'
'i twanged that bird from the bar'
'i gave her a good hard twanging'
by shpannah September 07, 2006
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The sensation/trip experienced after intaking laughing gas/nitrous oxide
Mate I am so twanged off of that balloon
by Berookes December 04, 2017
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