To make your voice go high pitched all of a sudden, for a quick moment, then go back to regular sounding. a lot of old western music singers have this wonderful talent. also alex burrows on the Vancouver canucks has an uncontrollable twang.
"She (twang) left me" if a western music singer used a twang.
by nick czapi February 8, 2008
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a twitpic of your wang
Congressman Weiner sent a twang to several of his constituents and created a scandal.
by magellan87 June 7, 2011
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pussy. Made by combining twat and poontang.
What's going on here? No twang?!
by Mr. Letzt September 18, 2004
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to cancel an agreement.

Or more precisely, to state that you intend to do something, and then change one's mind. See also "dingy"
"I should really and sign on today, but I think I'm just going to twang it"

"She agreed to come out with us for my birthday, but then she twanged us for her sister's funeral"

"I left him a voicemail but he just twanged it. The cunt"
by c.r. November 9, 2005
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1) An accent nobody actually has.
2) Yummy type of beer salt.
1) She luft me un mah dawgggggg T~T
2) Twang is awesome to share during classes^^
by TheYaoiQueen(; June 7, 2010
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noun : the sound a telecaster makes

noun : some stanky ass herb
You got any twang?

Twangity Twang!
by Keith Richard Cantwell January 27, 2004
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something of a bad smelling nature
bruv ur breath is actually twang! Go brush ur teeth or we cnt hang
by Obea May 19, 2008
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