Unami's literary and arts magazine. It is a winner of multiple national awards and has been expanding the horizons of many young artists. It is pretty much awesome.
Incredibly popular jock: "Hey, what was that magazine Mrs. Pizzi was talking about?"

Opus member: "Our literary and art's magazine."

Jock: "AWESOME! I'll submit today!"
by The Boy with the Poofy Hair October 9, 2010
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A reference to the New Zealand Spirited deity;
Prince Poseidon.

Opus may also refer to the Hand of of Triton's Father; a Jupiter-Thor-Zeus-like creature with shells of Gold (Atomic Number: 79) on each shoulder blade. Some say the barnacles of gold came from the paradigmatic teachings of Ca' d'Oro or The House of Gold just before the Baltic shift of Rome. The hidden Palace of Atlantis is what many can recall when speaking of the golden palace that Poseidon and the his family resided within.

The Opus hand is the same of Pince Poseidon, known to be Prince of the Salish 2013, holding the golden Trident for and with the people.
Wow, look! The Opus hand holds all the LIBERTY.
Team: Where did you get that pitch fork?
Leader: It is not a Folk fork, I was born with the trident in my Opus.
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A writing assignment activity with drastic and almost lethal outcomes. It will often cause a negative outlook and life, and someone who writes this "opus" weekly, might have an increased tendency to say "fuck my life". It may also lead to irrational thoughts of suicide and decreased craft in drawing and attention to history notes. Usually if a person is writing an opus per week, he or she does not have a life, and could possibly be an Interior Architecture student at UNCG
Hey, its tequila tuesday! come out with us! No dude, sorry, I have to write my opus. fuck my life.
by NTR April 8, 2009
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Omg, her skirt is so short i can see her opus!

At the 2010 MTV Movie Awards, Christina Aguilera had a flashing heart on her costume, located near her opus.
by myopusischeesy June 7, 2010
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A code word used to signify sarcasm/lies/cryptic humor during texting or IM conversations.

Derived from an IM conversation between Chelsea C and Andy W, during which time Chelsea C was watching "Mr. Holland's Opus" and was talking about how she couldn't understand sarcasm through IM. Chelsea C and Andy W agreed to come up with a word, "Opus." that would cue sarcasm/lies/cryptic humor.
You are a complete tool. Opus.

Wow you are a really fine example of what is wrong in the world. Opus.
by yogiwolfman July 1, 2009
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Penguin of "Bloom County" fame, friend of Bill the Cat, Milo, Milquetoast and many others, drawn by Berke Breathed
by Luis July 29, 2003
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