Some nebulously defined venereal disease. Possibly linked to the unanswered question what's a truck?

We aren't sure to which disease "the truck" refers, but we are sure it is probably itchy and painful and probably makes your junk smell.
"Tommy donked that girl down last week and she gave him the truck."
by Anne Ominous February 01, 2004
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In rural U.S.A. when two farmers, old guys, or buddies pull up next to each other in vehicles, usually pickup trucks, and have a conversation without leaving the vehicle. A truck truck usually occurs in the middle of any random small town street or intersection, but rarely disrupts traffic, as most just drive around.
Truck truck this morning at the DQ, I had to drive around. I think it was Bubba and B-Rod. Musta been raining too much to swath.
by FiddleZilla September 11, 2008
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It's getting late. Imma truck it back to the hizzie.
by Mandy1341 February 11, 2008
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Someone who draws negative attention by not having their shit together. Most commonly used in jail.
The pigs wouldn't have tossed our cell if it weren't for that truck.
by noslack April 02, 2015
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To have no truck with someone or something is to want nothing to do with her, him or it.

Appears to be derivative from an archaic meaning of "truck" which can mean "to trade or barter".

Some dude just told me it's obsolete, but I use it anyway. And I've got no truck with people who say it's obsolete.
I want nothing to do with the BNP because i've got no truck with Nazis.

I have no truck with the whole Bushite conception of foreign policy.
by Andy August 25, 2004
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a euphemism for drug smuggling or trafficking, usually involving the mob.
my sister stopped seeing that Giovanni dude after she was informed about the "trucking" industry he was in.
by Mace April 19, 2006
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1)Being Hit by a truck.
2)Being hit by a truck or any part of a truck, resulting in reincarnation or transportation to another world.
Person 1: You hear about what happened to the jap kid in our class.
Person 2: Yeah he was trucked and now he's in a fantasy world fighting demon kings and building a harem.
Person 3: Fuck. Why do japanese always get to do the awesome anime shit. All I got was a stupid Hogwarts letter.
by TempestLiger April 21, 2018
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