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A musher is nice ass on a woman. A musher has to be plump, round, and very large for mushing. A musher is perfect for fucking while the girl is laying down on her stomach because a guy can go to town on the musher hardcore.
Yeah dawg that was definitely a musher. I would smash that musher her while she lays down on her stomach.
by Anonymous19437 April 16, 2011
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An uneducated and uncultured young male mainly engaged in petty crime, violence, extracting the maximum possible funding from the welfare state and joy riding. Normally dressed in cheap sports clothing, baseball caps, hooded tops and bling. (origin Swansea). Mush is a term of endearment between mushers. Orally detected by their inability to conjugate verbs correctly.
His tweeny tash, hoodie and foul mouth made him a perfect example of a musher.

Oi mush, lend us a tenner till me giro comes in?

I goes to town, I whips a lush hoodie, I loves it I do!
by David Evans October 31, 2006
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A musher is a sexy person, with great hair. People usually call other people it due to jealousy.
"No, you are a Musher!"
by Kevin Lee Scott March 06, 2008
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a patented move of external vaginal manipulation that invariably results in chicks really digging Cooter and Lumpy
"once Cooter gave her the musher, she was begging him for butt sex"
by Lumpy February 11, 2004
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someone that you care for
a pet name, in a more, manly type of way.
"Hey musher! how you doin love?"
"Come on musher, it will all be alright."
by MorgzF February 04, 2006
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A musher is halfway between a slimer and a Vesuvius slimer, retaining the form of the former but having a texture more like the latter. It tends to be large, to maintain its form in an uninterrupted continuum, and to emerge completely within about a second.
I blew a musher into the bowl this morning and it was wrapped around the inside of the bowl before I even knew I'd started shitting.
by Mel Biggs January 30, 2008
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