the castle is the best fucken movie ever made. watchin this movie means making the move from being a pre-aussie to a tru blu aussie bloke. this movie has sum of the best and funniest shit goin out in it and also sum of the stupidest shit goin out.
Dale kerrigan (from the castle): i gave this elephant to wayne coz he is in jail. elephants bring good luck, especially wen the trunks are up, and this trunk was up. (later in the movie) I thought about wayne tonight... i thought about his elephant. i wondered if the trunk was still up coz that brings good luck.
by benjohnson April 30, 2005
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Fisting with an open palm, fingers curled in and upwards to resemble the prongs at the top of a rook chess piece.
My ass is a little sore from all the castling last night, but Trevor likes it!
by JoJoMonMon May 15, 2011
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ABC's Castle, a television show starring Nathan Fillion as Richard Castle and Stana Katic as Detective Kate Beckett. Also known as 40minutes in which over half is Stana Katic/Katherine Beckett Hairporn.
Did you see the latest episode of Castle?
Yeah, that was some good Hairporn!
by Asharlee August 05, 2011
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Home, shack, casa or crib. Where you live. Even if you don't live in a castle (which most of us don't.)
"We can straight up chill at my castle yo."

"I wanna take you back to my castle baby."
by Katie Slim [Be-Bop] December 30, 2007
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Other pronunciations: temple.

Where the goddamn Light Warriors are going.
"Temple of Fiends."

"But that's a temple, not a castle."

"A temple's a kind of castle"

"That's all this book says. Over and Over, for hundreds of pages.

Yes. I know.

How foolish of me.

Yes. I know."
by The Entertainer May 12, 2010
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The state of being completely inebriated. The term 'castled' is a combination of the German word schloss which means castle and the term sloshed which means very drunk. Additionally, the term 'castled' is based loosely around the term housed for getting very drunk. When one gets castled they are a step up from getting housed as castles are larger than houses, implying that getting castled is drunker than getting housed.
Ace: Dude, what happenned last night? Did you tag that fugly chick??
Gary: I don't think so, no one was in my bed when I woke up but i can't be sure; I was totally castled last night.

Ace: Gary look at Jimmy, he is so castled right now he can't even keep his head up.

by Chase23 October 24, 2007
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A castle is a large stone structure used in midieval times to protect against an oncoming force. Most lords and knights had one. Although castles were built to accomodate all of the people of the land in case of an invasion, people seldom lived in them, as they were cold, damp, and dreary.

In this day and age, though, it is possible to build a castle that is quite comfy to live in thanks to modern tecnology.

Most people who live in castles also have a collection of swords.
Oh, no! The Black Knights are attacking! Quickly, let us hasten to our castle to defend against this menace!
by EpicTFOL July 08, 2012
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