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A fluffy mushroom shaped seat upon which sits a short pump
Little Miss Short Pump sat on her tuffet eating her cold rigatoni
by The Spideyman September 24, 2007
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The happy trail that starts at the crack of ones ass and runs up the lower part of the back.
Yo, this girl bent over to pick up a book and she had the hairest tuffet.
by doofusdan August 18, 2003
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the puffy bubble pockets of fat women and men tend to have usually right under their belly button. Caused by eating fast food, not exercising, or just being fat. Also know as muffin-top, love handles, back fat, inter-tube of fat, sausage links.
Look at that man's tuffet jiggle when he walks.
by Brittany Keig and Andie Rhodes February 12, 2009
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