part of a womans underwear, which sits just below her pussy.
her gusset was dripping
by prickless May 12, 2006
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The frontal part of a pair of underpants/knickers, that which covers the "pubic mound". See as dry as a nun's gusset.
Ooh, these naughty pants I bought from my local sex shop have a split gusset! (gasp)
by Lonely Pigeon October 19, 2003
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Comical way of referring to a woman's accidentally exposed genitalia.
Close yer legs love, I can see right up yer gusset!
by Ash C December 2, 2005
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The discharge left on a girls undies from her front bum, usually goes hard and crusty like a cum stain.
"She left her undies under my bed, man she had some gusset happening"

"Stevo chews the gusset off his mum's undies"
by turbodiesel March 22, 2010
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A thin piece of metal, angled or flat, that exists to attach two other pieces. Similar to a strap, but commonly with an interesting shape.
Where's Ramon's gusset? I don't know. Maybe you put it in you butt.
by insomniacsloth November 23, 2006
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The extra skin found around a fat persons chin and neck.
The gusset is much used to store food like a pelican.
by I like cinnimon March 20, 2009
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O thats a nice bum, o yes she has nice gusset aswell. i plant my face in it all time (ScoTTo)
by if u build he will cum August 7, 2003
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