The title given to a guy who takes pride in convincing women he loves them or has some intention of commitment, in an attempt to get their knickers off. Usually takes no discrimination in who he dogs fat, thin, black, white, mullet or no mullet.
Have a girl friend who has recently broke up with her boyfriend? The Dog's interested.
by Banj December 20, 2004
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The art of showing some commitment and leading a girl on to get a bit more slap & tickle!!
When Dog Grierson invites you to Camden Markets after he has given you a bit of slap and tickle you know thats the last date you will have with him!!! "What a Dog"
by Anonymous October 18, 2001
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A clingy girl who blatantly likes the guy you just said that you liked in an intense conversation with her 20 seconds ago. This is the term you use when you want to talk about her in front of her friends or that particular guy. Or just to make funny comments about her without everyone knowing who you are talking about.
"The dog is not invited to the party." "Put that dog out of the house." "That damn dog just texted me three times in a row!" "It's the dog's birthday."
by Bchik July 20, 2010
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Where a person may at any point on a night out, do an impression of a dog on all fours while howling, for pure entertainment of close friends they are with.
Chris look, ilesy's doin the dog.

He must be wasted he's doin the dog again.
by lozlordrofl February 23, 2009
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The toughest gangsta in the group......
You aint wana mess with the dog it be the last thing you ever do son!

Or the opposite of soulja boy
You that Dmx be the dog...
You aint wana mess with the dog
by The Dogs is out January 16, 2008
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noun. Sex, to get or give.

unknown origin
Guy 1: hey man i think that chick over there just gave you "the look"

Guy 2: Yeah i met her last night. took her home and gave her the dog.
by ODEE128 March 07, 2008
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