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A cute, lovable and shy male. A person named Winston is sure to be the most amazing person you meet. He is good at drawing and singing! If he like-likes you, he might be a little rude due to his shyness, but don't worry, he'll get over his shyness with you soon!
Cristal: Aw, Winston, he's cute!
Jesse: I know, right?
by itliterallydoesntmatter April 08, 2019
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Music so good it could elicit sexual arousal.
The new We Came As Romans albums is chock full of bonerjams.
by lpvitus October 28, 2009
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An excellent place for to get your balls fondled and your dick sucked for the same price as a meal deal.
Dave: ...And thats lunch, lets go to Winstons for a pint, pool & poke!
Bobby: Too right, I need my balls washing..
by Greg_the_Smeg February 06, 2019
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can be a sweet heart when its just you and him, but when hes around a bunch of other people he can be a complete asshole. hes charming, sexy, has a nice body, can almost have any girl he wants, amazing at fucking. can be a total bad ass when he wants to be..or at least he thinks he's a bad ass.
krystal:"damn look at that fine ass winston over there!"

jen:"isnt he an asshole to you though?"

krystal:"only when hes around a lot of other people.."
by krissy jem1 May 04, 2010
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A duck. The most awesome duck known to man-kind.
"Dude, I saw Winston yesterday!"
"Holy Flying Horses! I gotta get that duck's autograph!"
by Vice Pres of Winston fan club January 22, 2010
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Any being that is filled with win and can perform insta-wins at any given moment.
Jack:Dude what do you think i should say before i die.
John:Respawn in 10 9 8 7 6 5...
Jack:wow your a total winston
by jesus kones January 13, 2009
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(verb) to ask a ridiculously inappropriate/ blatantly obvious question at the most random time.


To make an obvious point when it is totally unnecessary.
Teacher: "Do we have any little questions to raise?"
(To Winston)
Student: "Define...little"

"What type of food does a dog eat?"
(To Winston)
" thats a very vague term...define dog"

"shit! we still haven't done freshfields"
by styra November 27, 2009
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