A nice and funny guy with a great sense of humour. He will always be there for you no matter what and will always make you laugh. He often is envied by other boys abd he can’t help it
Yo that dude over there is such a Winston.”

“I wish I could be like a Winston one day.”
by thatguy3269 December 27, 2018
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A playful guy full of energy ,full of love and will be your best friend ,loyal and loving.
Person : that Winston has so much energy
by Namer5 February 24, 2019
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A cute, lovable and shy male. A person named Winston is sure to be the most amazing person you meet. He is good at drawing and singing! If he like-likes you, he might be a little rude due to his shyness, but don't worry, he'll get over his shyness with you soon!
Cristal: Aw, Winston, he's cute!
Jesse: I know, right?
by itliterallydoesntmatter April 8, 2019
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A duck. The most awesome duck known to man-kind.
"Dude, I saw Winston yesterday!"
"Holy Flying Horses! I gotta get that duck's autograph!"
by Vice Pres of Winston fan club January 23, 2010
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Any being that is filled with win and can perform insta-wins at any given moment.
Jack:Dude what do you think i should say before i die.
John:Respawn in 10 9 8 7 6 5...
Jack:wow your a total winston
by jesus kones January 14, 2009
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Winston is the kind of guy who seems like an open book although he is very secretive about some things. He can be very sweet when you are alone with him. Although when there are other people around he might not acknowledge you as much. But one glance at his gorgeous eyes and you are roped in forever. He also likes to avoid drama.
Friend: “hey is that winston over there?”

Me: “yeah, look at his eyes, they are so dreamy.”
Friend: “I could look at them all day long.”
by Blue.sapphiredismond October 7, 2018
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Big D*** loving guy who succeeds at every thing especially soccer, fortnite and acting
Winston is also known as N'Jadaka King of wakanda
Winston Big man ting only
by Dempsey keskin April 4, 2018
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