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Sitting, while drunk or high, and eating constantly without doing anything else. It is possible to do so sober, but it is exceedingly rare to be sober and perching, for one must abandon dignity to truly perch.
Dude! Stop perching! You're going to eat that entire f***ing pack of oreos!
by QuickTipsManual January 21, 2011
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Alternative to MOGII, easier to pronounce.
The MOGAI community in my city is very friendly.
by sebasty September 04, 2014
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similar to planking but crouching down as an owl would. sitting in a crouch like a catcher in baseball would and placing hands down in between legs.
The top of the drive thru sign at in-n-out was a great place for a perching pic.

I was perching on the ledge of the building before the cops came and arrested me for "disturbing the peace"... tools.
by Patricio Finnegante July 18, 2011
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The act of using more effort to place a piece of trash on top of an already filled garbage can instead of emptying it.
I was in a hurry so I ended up perching my empty box of pop tarts on the top of the garbage can.
by Hoodrat & Gunshow March 06, 2011
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The act of placing your bare junk (usually male) onto the person sitting directly in front of you during class in the fashion a bird would perch onto a tree branch.
Guy 1: Yo dude, today I just lost it and started perching up on this d-bag who had been annoying me all semester.

Guy 2: Gross man.
by mmalone July 13, 2009
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1. Acting alert in an office setting to avoid getting more work or to seem busy to others.

2. Wasting time at work while resting hands on keyboard to look busy.
"Thank God it's Friday. I've been perching at my desk all afternoon waiting for 4 o'clock."
by Pirate Fish June 04, 2009
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The act of sitting upon the bar of a school desk rather than the seat itself. Normally one's excuse for this is because "they like to be above everybody else".
"Yo, that girl is perching so hard"
"Yeah, she looks like an owl"
by Tanner11 October 14, 2011
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