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1. A part of the West End of Richmond, Virginia generally synonymous with shopping or going to see a movie.
2. The place where Broad Street becomes the only eight lane road in Richmond that isn't a highway.
Guy 1: So what are you doing this afternoon?
Guy 2: I'm going to Short Pump to see a movie.
Guy 1: Dude, same, I'm going to Short Pump too, except to go to the mall with my girlfriend.
Guy 2: Sweet, maybe you and she can come over to McAlister's after y'all are done over at the mall.

Principal: Why were you late to school today?
Boy: Traffic
Principal: That's not a good enough reason.
Boy: I live in Short Pump. You try getting on 64 during rush hour.
by anonymoi June 03, 2005
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Two cowboys relieving themselves. One glances down at the other's equipment and says , "You have right short pump there don't you son?"
by Wooddog October 21, 2017
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