Trump + puppets = Trumpets

I.e. Trump Supporter.
Do Trumpets honestly expect that Mexico will pay for the wall?
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by john the wanker January 26, 2017
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1.Gods girt to the marching band.

2.The awesomest hunk of metal you will ever blow into.
John: I like your trumpet.

Bill: Yeah trombones pretty much suck.
by Trmp buddy. August 31, 2008
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A term used to refer to supporters of the 45th president of the United States of America. Also see trumpster.
Trumpets are not necessarily racist, but they have been, at best, indifferent to racism and white-supremacy.
Donald Trump continues to demand his Trumpets support repealing Obamacare.
by Zarqawiyya August 03, 2017
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The best instrument of all time. Beats the clarinet by a mile. Clarinets are really stupid. They are the worst instrument. Maybe besides flutes. And flutes? Really? They're just really dopey. Have you noticed that NO ONE plays the flute? Saxophones are cool but overused. Epic Sax Guy? You know him? Yeah, no. And trombones are probably the second best. But none y'all can beat trumpet because it's all dope. You play the loudest, get more solos, and are used in lots of pictures of Jesus and God. They are holy instruments. That's why they're awesome! If you don't agree, you're probably a clarinet.
Man, I wish I was a Trumpet. They're SO cool.
by Fresh_Towels98 November 28, 2017
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Bos trump 1. "WOW!!! The Spirit of Saginaws trumpets are amazing"

Bos trump 2. "I know if only we were a tenth as good as them maybe they wouldn't only hear the clarinets"
by $UP3RFL3TCH October 23, 2010
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The most amazing, awesome, beautiful, bad-ass, breathtaking instrument ever to be obtained by us from the Gods themselves.
Those who possess the ability to produce a beastly sound from this sacred metal instrument shalt be forever known as demi-gods, and shall be worshiped by all others who do not possess such abilities. (especially string players)
Trumpet Player: 'I play the trumpet'.
String Player: 'omg i'm not worthy!' *bows*
by A DEMI GOD June 12, 2012
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