A diminutive clone of a ginger-wigged billionaire with a penchant for mini-golf and ensuring everything it touches bears its name.
That ol' Trumpet's building a new golf course... on Mercury, no less.
by Sweet Gargler April 09, 2011
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The funkiest, most coolest, most jazziest, most mellowist, most brightest, most classicalist instrument ever made. Gods version of social darwinism is who he decides should play the trumpet
Person 1: You play the trumpet
Person 2: Yes
Person 1: You are my new God
by T Goyder August 23, 2005
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A vocal Donald Trump supporter, typically one you would find on the Internet. A trumpet is never willing to concede that Mr. Trump, or the people he surrounds himself with, have any flaws at all. They will defend all criticism him, despite all facts and reason. Just like the musical trumpet, they love to blow out hot air. Reason, logic, facts, science, and even videotape cannot change their minds.
"Hey man, you got to stop trolling people on Facebook."

"Why? I love going to the Fox News page and seeing the crazy things trumpets will type out."
by JuddG February 13, 2017
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A Trumpet is a Donald Trump supporter who shares his supporting views indiscriminately to whoever happens to be around.
Hey, here comes the Trumpet Orchestra. (Trump supporter parade)

Holy, that Trumpet won't STFU.
by Anonimosit.Y May 05, 2016
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A person who espouses the beliefs of the extreme right wing ignoring facts and data.
You don't even realize you're being manipulated, pulled by strings and allowing yourself to be a trumpet.
by Wbienek February 07, 2017
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Trumpet is the coolest instrument in the world. It is usually played by people with big egos but that only provesd they know their instrument is great....
"the trumpet is the best"
"Trumpets rule"
by Trumpetcatz July 30, 2003
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the trumpet is the greatest instrument ever. It gets most of the solos in all of the groups, can be played in orchestra, classical, jazz, or just about anything else. trumpets are normally cocky with great reason. trumpet is the best instrument in the world! hail to the brass! pep bands die with out the trumpets because they're the loudest and the best.
P1: man have you heard that kid play the trumpet?
P2: yeah... he's such a screamer, it's awesome!
P1: if he keeps going like that he's going to be like Miles Davis
by Melodie April 17, 2005
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