A church founded in the 1800's by William and Catherine Booth; started as "The Christian Mission." It was started because Booth was tired of his church turning away the homeless and the drunks off the streets. It has now spread around the world, and it has branched out into disaster relief, shelters, rehabilitation centers, thrift stores, and many other charitable works.
Kid 1: Hey, I'm going to church after school. Want to come?
Kid 2: Oh that boring one on 9th street?
Kid 1: No, the cool one. The Salvation Army.
by GabbaGabbaFrau January 31, 2009
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The Salvation Army is a global organization dedicated to meeting human needs without discrimination in the name of Jesus Christ. Efforts include fighting hunger, working to end human trafficking/sex slavery, providing disaster relief, drilling wells to provide impoverished peoples with clean drinking water, locating missing persons, operating adult rehabilitation centers, operating homeless shelters, operating summer camps for underprivileged youths, providing prisoner rehabilitation and veterans affair services, providing assistance with rent/bills, providing basic needs like clothing and food, et. al.

Typically associated with the "Red Kettle Campaign" fundraiser performed every Christmas, where volunteers greet shoppers outside retail outlets by ringing bells, singing carols, or performing in a brass band.
I can't believe that tornado was only an hour ago and the Salvation Army already has hot food available.

The Salvation Army rescued my daughter from a Malaysian brothel.

I wish that Salvation Army bellringer would learn to play a trumpet!
by UU35 June 19, 2011
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no longer 'thrifty' in Minneapolis, anyway
.....used, stained couches for $80!
stuff donated by Target Corporation with Salvation Army pricetags stuck over the original (and CHEAPER) Target price tags.

what's up with that? it's all 'as is,' so one cannot return anything. and now there are signs about not opening any boxes.

by Karin Teder April 7, 2006
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A "charity" who have been around for a long time and run stores. They burnt thousands, possibly millions, of Harry Potter toys because of "promoting witchcraft," ruining the christmas of many children. They also think that homosexuals are a disgrace. "The Salvation Army is a global organization dedicated to meeting human needs without discrimination in the name of Jesus Christ. " is a bullshit definition because they -DO- discriminate heavily.
The Salvation Army were meant to give those poor kids a christmas, but instead they lit a bonfire for the homeless.
by Fuck Sally. November 18, 2013
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Well meaning people who probably do more bad than good by telling people they need "saving" and there is something wrong with them when they are at their lowest eb.
The salvation army are well meaning but wrong.
by Brigante October 24, 2005
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A christian organization founded by General William Booth is the mid 1800's. They are actually aa denomination, known as "salvationists". They are spread accross the world, offering various public services including disaster relief, shelters for children, women, and the homeless. They also offer drug and alcohol rehab among various other services. They spread their religion in this process. I guess i just wanted to point out that it isn't just a thriftstore. You ignorant fucks.
ppl on urban dictionary are teh gay because they think that the salvation army is just a store.
by pleaseenjoy November 19, 2005
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Underappriciated charity group that are always there to help.
by SamSamSam December 18, 2005
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