An instrument played by egocentric douchebags who think they're better than everyone else. Usually, they wear Polo, coral colored shorts, and Sperrys. If you don't play trumpet, they will hate you forever. They talk crap about people they don't even know. They also drive Mercedes, wear Raybans, and have retarded Afros. They tend to be rather rotund.
by tromBONER69 September 24, 2011
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adj. Activity, project etc. that has the blessing of the President and is therefore usually odd or morally suspect.

Is building a wall between you and the world still your trumpet project?

And my dream.
by gnostic3 December 12, 2016
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In Scotland, a trumpet is an idiot/arsehole/dick. You can use trumpet in an offensive and friendly context.
Offensive: "Hey you ya fuckin trumpet - whit the fuck ur you daein?"

Friendly: "Yu're such a trumpet man!"
by Scott T The Silver fox January 23, 2004
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1. An instrument which is honestly not to difficult to play correctly.
2. The most egotistical and narcissistic of brass holes, who feel they must always be mean.
3. When it is played well, it is a beautifully sounding instrument which excels in Jazz and Marching style music.
4. Scrap metal. I'm referring to the players here, not the instrument.

Whilst trumpets are beautiful instruments, the people it attracts are not so. They will never admit to being wrong, and if you are a woodwind, expect crap to be thrown your way. They are often petty, immature, and are clearly over compensating for something. I suggest not paying any attention to them during band classes, as they will often be physically injuring each other, trying to pull rank and skill on you (This often fails in the skill department), and otherwise acting as the stereotypical idiotic teenage boy. (Even if they are female.)

They also seem to have some sort of personal vendetta against the clarinets, who often share parts. It might be something to do with them having the same concert pitch. (Bb)
The clarinet is the woodwind version of the trumpet. If you are a trumpeter, get over your sad delusions. If you are a clarinet, I know how it feels. I'm sorry.
by Alice will Appear November 20, 2010
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A super hard ass brass instrument that is mastered by only the greatest musicians.(duck, holden, michael, etc.minus kennan) No matter what you other fat fucker band geeks have to say.
Duck, Holden, and michael rock out the trumpet in class while kennan fucks everything up.
by Holden Smith December 01, 2006
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A person who changes their policies to reflect those of Trump
He's a fucking Trumpet
by Walter Dominoe October 24, 2018
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