1) Very/Deeply religious.

2) Devoted to a particular personal interest or cause, basicly devoted to anything.

3) Deeply and sincerely felt or meant.

It's a synonym for devoted.

He's a devout baseball fan, he watches every single game!
by Jafje June 06, 2007
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(Verb) You've reached the point where you just ain't worried about nothing. And all lies faithful people tell you don't matter but at the same time atheism doesn't seem interesting enough.
When you don't believe in the bible. And you realize that if Adam and Eve existed, that means there kids would of had to inbreed which is looked down upon in the bible. And where were dinosaurs at this point? However at the same time you don't believe something was made from nothing, hence the Big Bang. So you come to the conclusion that life is too complex to put a real answer behind it. Thus, you are a devout agnostic.
by ~M.W. November 04, 2013
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An atheist who zealously pushes atheism or attacks religion to the point of being as annoying as the people who annoy him.
Jenny is a devout atheist. Whenever she gets the chance, she preaches the word of NO god.
by What's the frequency, Kenneth? December 23, 2014
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After exclusively performing oral sex on a chick for several months, you convert your religion in hopes of attaining divinity (vaginal penetration). You may or may not try to justify this as love.
I can't believe Brian passed up giving Airaka a Dirty Sanchez to give her a Devout Sanchez instead. What a snatch.
by Nicholas Artukovich October 22, 2006
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(Noun) A person of such stunning capacity for denial, they honestly believe one good pope after 2,000 years indicates they are on the right spiritual path.
George cannot be reasoned with on this, He's a Devout Catholic on the issue.
by Pinkie_Flamingo June 21, 2016
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A Devout Christian Mom (DCM) is like my mom. She's the kind of mom who tries to control every aspect of her kid's lives in fear of her religion. She won't admit she fears religion, but inside she probably does. She believes anyone who is gay, believes in evolution, or thinks we should deal with climate change is a Satanist. If you're her kid, you're screwed. She thinks spanking kids only serves to make them strong and brave. She'd prefer to give a kid a shitty religious education rather than a public school education because, "God said so", or whatever she believes.
Normal kid: "Aw crap, I tripped!"
Devout Christian Mom: "Did you just say CRAP!?"
Kid: "Well, yeah..."
*Kid gets sentenced to being spanked ten times every other day*

Kid: "I can't take this! I WANT TO KILL MYSELF!"
Devout Christian Mom: "WHAT!? Come on, we're going to have you talk to the pastor. You have been playing those violent video games again!"
Kid: "We don't even have violent video games in our house!"
Devout Christian Mom: "Are you saying that I'm a fool!? More spankin's!"
*Kids gets even more depressed and hateful, and eventually kills himself*


Reagan's ghost: "Shut up lady. My only advice for you is to get yourself spayed."

Devout Christian Mom: "Birth Control is evil! How dare you. You aren't the real Ronald Reagan, you're SATAN!"

Reagan's ghost: *Floats away in frustration*
by Mr. big E. March 23, 2019
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