an instrument that rules all the rest. you can't get louder than a trumpet, so don't try. the only reason people dis the trumpet is because they're jealous, and we understand that.
Hey man what instrument do you play?
The trumpet, duh!
Oh, sorry dude. I didn't know you were a god.
by Diana - trumpet numero uno February 27, 2005
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henceforth, trump-et will refer to the army of women trump has employed/manipulated to speak on his behalf, defending his egregious crimes and comments against women.
i saw a trump-et at the mall today, wearing trump gear head to toe.
by sweetcheeseball October 12, 2016
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Trumpet's are the strongest part of a musical group. Trumpets can be used in orchestras, bands, jazz bands, and other types of groups. They have a large range of notes and volume which is what makes them awesome. There are two types of trumpet players: the egotistical ones who play loudly and the shy and sweet ones who play softly. Usually trumpet players are known as egotistical and it is rare to find a shy and sweet trumpet player. Trumpets are awesome!
Trumpet player one: I played a high c in middle school.
Trumpet player two: Oh yeah well I played a high c in elementry school. I also played this piece in middle school; its so easy.
Trumpet player one: Dude i played this piece in elementry school...
by Sweetness to the extreme December 02, 2006
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the most kick-ass instrument ever
most people tend to think that only people with big-egos play it, true YES but that's only what they see

trumpet players rule
Me: bwahahhah I play the trumpet!
Selena Gomez: and i play the flute!

Me: (whacks her with my oh-so EPIC trumpet)
by trumpet hero girl November 06, 2011
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noun, person

A Donald Trump supporter, usually loud, obnoxious, often bronze in colour, hard to play with and likely give you a headache if listened to for more than 10 minutes.
Did you here that wankpuffin Jeff try and defend the shit that floods from Donald Trumps mouth?

Yeh the guys fucking trumpet.
by richie mc.rich the rich March 14, 2016
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The absolute best, coolest sounding instrument ever. It's a brass instrument with three valves. The trumpets are easy to recognize in most songs, and usually have pretty awesome parts. They usually get solos. Plus all the players look cool when they play...
"A frighteningly good trumpet section"

by Rosie m. June 05, 2006
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The greatest instrument ever. The instrument that gets to play fanfares. The instrument that can produce many messed-up (in a good way) sounds. For example, blowing air across the valve end caps produces a low wind-whistle, and if you trill the valve, the wind-whistle also trills. You can shriek by blowing a sharp burst of air across the mouthpiece. You can sound like an elephant by lowering the valves halfway and blowing.

Also, the first five letters spell "trump"
--Whoa, what's that? It's friggin' huge!
--That's the trumpet ego.
by cardenio February 04, 2005
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