Tits like ice cream cornets

Pointy, long, thin
She has tits like 2 cornets
by Working Class Hero December 15, 2020
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A musical instrument just like a trumpet, yet smaller.
Where did you go today? To band practice. I played 1st chair cornet!
by Krystina Gold April 7, 2006
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A B-flat instrument similar in sound to a trumpet. For the most part, they have been replaced by trumpets in high school bands as they save money by just having the band have a bunch of trumpets.
Why do we need cornets? We have trumpets?
by Chris Rice February 3, 2007
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The best Rower in the world. He has the supreme skill and will thrash anyone in a race.
Cyril Cornet is the best rower in the world
by Rowing Fan March 17, 2022
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Used in Brass bands to produce a tight laser beam of incredibly high intensity. If used in conjunction with a shallow small bore mouthpiece it is capable of bringing down aircraft from heights of up to 50,000,000 feet.

Not to be confused with a soprano saxophone which is for pussies.
Soprano cornet brings down Airbus A380 from 40,000,000 feet overvthe Atlantic.
by Soprano man January 19, 2019
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A sexual act where as you are on all fours, your partner from behind reaches between your legs and grabs your shaft like an ice cream cone, balls resting on top like 2 scoops of lovely ice cream. They proceed to lick from the balls to the arsehole.
The other half gave me the ol' salted caramel cornet last night. We need a new carpet.
by Mik_D February 2, 2023
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