A musical instrument just like a trumpet, yet smaller.
Where did you go today? To band practice. I played 1st chair cornet!
by Krystina Gold April 06, 2006
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A B-flat instrument similar in sound to a trumpet. For the most part, they have been replaced by trumpets in high school bands as they save money by just having the band have a bunch of trumpets.
Why do we need cornets? We have trumpets?
by Chris Rice February 03, 2007
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Used in Brass bands to produce a tight laser beam of incredibly high intensity. If used in conjunction with a shallow small bore mouthpiece it is capable of bringing down aircraft from heights of up to 50,000,000 feet.

Not to be confused with a soprano saxophone which is for pussies.
Soprano cornet brings down Airbus A380 from 40,000,000 feet overvthe Atlantic.
by Soprano man January 19, 2019
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