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(noun)the Japanese word for playing cards. Used either by Wapanese speakers or in Japan.
wapanese_nerd: wanna come over and play trump?
inuyasha9182:sure! i've got new naruto based cards
by Saraiyu June 21, 2007
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by Hukra March 14, 2009
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A word said during a poker game implying you have a winning hand or to show another player their hand trumps someone else's

Kinda a bragging word used among friends at the poker table
Hey dude ur poker hand Trumps his cards because ur 4 of a kind is higher than his 4 of a kind
by PRETTY IN COPPER January 31, 2017
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Similar to a dare, except that the action that must be done is named by the person who must do the action. There can be no renege on a trump, and there is no compensation for following through on the trump.
(A): I'm gonna shave my head if the leafs don't make the playoffs.
(B): Trump!

(A)must now shave his head if the Leafs do not make the playoffs
by thethug89 May 28, 2007
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A word that means absolutely nothing, yet it means everything. The word trump can be substituted for any word, in any tense, and it will always make sense.
That Bon Jovi concert was so emotionally moving..My heart was filled with trumps.
Trump you, Mother Trumper
Im sorry guys, i really trumped up this time.
by Luke the fucking guy Davis January 26, 2011
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The definition of trump is pretty much that if you say "Trump" to something sarcastic,joking or even serious, the person must do whatever they got "trumped" on
Dad: If the Raptors win the playoffs, I'm going to buy a flatscreen TV
Son: Trump!
(now the dad has to buy the flatscreen, if the Raptors win, because he's been "trumped")
by Brad Sharp May 11, 2007
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