trolling is the act of stating completely true facts inside a forum or thread. The act of trolling is often looked down upon because other people don't like it when they are told they are wrong. A troll is simply some one who states true facts in the attempt to make the world a better place
All people reading the above statement were a subject to trolling.
by stolendreams July 15, 2011
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When we talk about "abuse" in real life, it usually comes in three forms: physical, sexual, and emotional. Since you can't physically nor sexually abuse someone over the internet, the abuse is perpetrated through the medium of a keyboard, with typed words. Ergo, trolling is a form of emotional/psychological abuse over the internet, and the intent is almost always to incite a "negative" emotional reaction in a person or group of people, which is usually nourishing and entertaining to the troll himself (and his audience) by way of humor and amusement.

I look back at what I used to do for fun on those lonely Friday and Saturday nights and realize how truly pathetic a life I was living. I had no social life, had never had a girlfriend or gotten laid, had substituted my mundane reality for a virtual reality, bought IP-altering software just for account bannings, and was just an all-around unhappy asshole who loved ruining otherwise happy peoples' days and bringing down their moods to the shitty one I was constantly experiencing. The reality is that, just as with real life emotional abusers, most trolls suffer from one or more various personality disorders (usually narcissism) and/or an inferiority complex, low self-esteem, and depression, as I was. Trolling is a cyber-expression of emotional abuse, and emotional abuse itself is part of a grander pathological mental disorder that the troll should seek help for, as I did.
by Anon1045 September 24, 2011
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Trolling is the term derived from the word "troll," which indicates trailing a fish along a baited line. In modern culture, trolling refers to hitting on guys when you are out, by baiting them with a little information about yourself or a flirty comment, and then playing hard to get. By planting the "bait," a girl will subsequently "troll" and find herself surrounded by a whole crowd of boys.

The act of trolling is an art-form, generally reserved for hot chicks out at a bar and/or club. However, it is possible to troll in all locations, such as the library or a coffee-shop, though that is a skill reserved for only the most talented individuals.

Note: Not to be confused with the noun "troll" (an ugly chick) or spamming message board (whoever does that cannot certainly cannot actually go trolling).
Girl1: I gotta get my make-up and tight dress on so I can troll tonight.
Girl2: Gen, I know, there will be a lot of trolling potential, like last night. I saw you surrounded by all those hot dudes.
Girl1: Troll or die, Liz. You gotta rage to troll.

Girl1: They see me trolling...
Girl2: They hating...
Girl1: But actually. Hatahs gonna hate when you troll so hard.
by ultimate fly-fisher February 25, 2013
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Hunting for trolls.

Trollers hang around under bridges with troll guns at night (since trolls turn to stone in daylight), in the hope of bagging a troll head as a trophy.

As a VERY endangered (i.e. nonexistent) species, trolls are protected by law, and trolling is therefore illegal.
The police arrested two hobbits yesterday on charges of trolling.
by Andy June 27, 2004
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Responding through short, unhelpful, and often antagonistic means, or performing acts with the intent of getting a rise from people so it can be posted on youtube later. No longer bound to the confines of the internet.
sexy saxagram youtube video
A - you suk no0b! go slit your wrists!
B - kthx!
(both are trolling in this scenario)
A - your terrible
B - you're
A - stfu you don't know what your talking about
B - you're
A - gtfo your annoying
B - you're...
by Baaaaaaaaahhhh March 17, 2011
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Act of appearing on internet forums and boards with malicious intent. Trolling includes...

-batting people to flame at you
-putting the forum down and encouraging people to leave.
-using several identities on a board to support your own arguments / stage pretend arguments
-generally being a dick on a power trip.
Some trolls claim they actions benefit others. These trolls are also twats
did you see the way that guy was trolling?
yep, he got banned.
i just filled in another account. you guys are dicks. why did you ban me? im gonna spam the place up for that!!
by pete s June 09, 2006
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deliberately arguing with complete fallacies on forums, comment threads, or message boards to get leets and other users pissed off by the troll's "ignorance"
User: Obama is a great president.
Troll: Obama kills babies and is a terrorist Muslim from Kenya
User: no! you are stupid (expletives may follow)
Troll: (continues to argue with fallacies)
User: (follows with angrier reply)
(other users may join in on either side)

NOTE: trolling may involve spam
by someguythatsboard November 09, 2010
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