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An actual type or brand of LSD. Used widely at Woodstock, there was more than a few types of Acid present, at one batch was quickly identified as chemically dangerous, and warnings issued over the sound system against its use. Other monikers of the era included Purple Haze, Orange Sunshine and Clear Light. Groovy, man. Peace. This type of acid appeared before the advent of the fabulous band of that era with the same name: Blue Cheer. Coincidence? Not a chance.
Right on, we're headed to Yasgar's farm to Woodstock, with 1000's of hits of Blue Cheer. I'll be cruising above ground level, and making money for three days....
by Gojai August 31, 2017
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Re-gurge (or Regurge) defines a drug product that has been broken down, laden with cut, and then re-pressed in the effort to sell it as solid and pure. Refers mostly to Cocaine, which when pure is normally large solid and flakey chunks of various sizes and shapes. By -re-pressing the weakened product it is possible to deceive some clients into thinking the dope is still uncut and in original condition, as the chunks have a general appearance similar to pure coke, untouched by the dreaded cut monster. The seasoned dope fiend knows very quickly whether the dope is original press, or re-gurge, by a close examination to reveal the texture of the pressed product, and other trade secrets I will not share here. Caveat Emptor.
Damn! Charlie said to come over quick, as he just scored a kilo of pure, but when I got there it was obviously re-gurge.
by Gojai August 31, 2017
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Refers to a parole officer, or probation officer. Can also refer to any other person you must be accountable to, or who has oversight authority over you.
Dude, you know I can't leave the state, I have a tail.
I told you my tail was a complete bitch monster, you shouldn't say stuff like that to her!
by Gojai September 21, 2017
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As a noun, the person who is non-responsive in bed, or allows sex reluctantly and coldly. As a verb. Mummy Sex is the act of sex with this person.
Never again, she is a mummy in bed.

I've gotta get some every night, but my squeeze was so tired last night we had mummy sex
by Gojai August 23, 2017
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When preparing for surgery or colonoscopy, the final product left in the toilet in the process of clearing the bowels; a yellowish broth-like and liquid bowel movement.
The doctor asked the nature of my last bowel movement prior to the procedure; I told her I had chicken soup.
by Gojai August 23, 2017
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An assortment or array of various drugs or alcohol products gathered to ensure the thirst for one's favorite habit is quenched.
I'm heading for the cabin this weekend with plenty of condiments, don't expect to see me until Monday.
by Gojai August 24, 2017
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OK folks, this is a real term, used for years on the streets, meaning Heroin. Whether you like it or not does not matter, it is established street jargon. Seasoned fiends all know what you mean if you say The King. First appeared in the 1950s and still common today among those whose first and only choice is The King of Drugs. Nothing trumps The King.
Sure, dude, we were dancin' with The King for days, never touched ground. I've got to go down to Gram Town to re-up.
by Gojai August 30, 2017
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