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A wiki created by and for white supremacists that typically takes a pro-nazi, pro-aryan look at different subjects. Well, not really - these different subjects basically amount to talking shit about black people.
Adam took a look at Metapedia and was offended by its blatantly racist content.
by Lord Necronus September 15, 2009
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1. "Metapedia" is a far-right, politically bias alternative encyclopedia to Wikipedia, "which focuses on culture, art, science, philosophy and politics" as self-described. Metapedia's self-described goal "is to become a web resource for pro-European activists". As such, Metapedia has been criticized for sharing or being incredibly biased and controlled by far-right supporters and organizations.

2. A term describing being "outside or beyond" a mainstream set of information; an encyclopedia. "The word Metapedia is derived from two classical Greek concepts: μετά (metá) meaning outside or beyond and ἐγκύκλιος παιδεία (enkýklios paideía) that is encyclopedia."

All quotes are taken from Metapedia, and Wikipedia's article on it, both should be further investigated for proper understanding.
"Metapedia provides an alternative, far-right take on the modern encyclopedia."
by LakelandL October 05, 2018
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