The art of blasphemy.

Perfection of this art is like a Buddhist achieving enlightenment.
Yo man I swear I didn't!
Yes you did!

Dude...he's trolling you
by Quezacotl April 06, 2010
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Trolling is often intended to bait and as such is associated with malice and anger. However, in its common usage: it means misrepresenting one’s self in order to produce a planned reaction, generally to prove some sort of point ( example: everyone has a trigger). If "the troll" is being honest the term trolling does not apply as they are not engaging in misrepresentation and no malice or manipulation is intended. Trolling is similar to method acting, in that the more one believes one's own words the more effective one's argument. Which is to say that the most effective "trolls" have transcended and become believers.
"Ah, I didn't mean that. I was just trolling."
by That one dude..!@gh March 26, 2017
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Is completely pointless.
"Dude I've been trolling this guy like ALL DAY."
"So you've wasted your entire day. Nice job dickwad"
by Junkie Crack Pipe February 02, 2010
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v. To be under the influence of both LSD and Ecstasy;
This word is made from tripping and rolling.

See candyflipping
"It was great trolling with you last night."
by callinghome November 02, 2004
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trolling is when unknown peoples on the internet T-Roll an blogger who innocwntly makes a spelling mistake or other minor booboo. T-rolling is when someone takes the piss out of them for it with multiple consexutive comments that harp on about the unintentional fuckx pas.
blogger : i think obana is good for america.

t-roller: yes bananas make great presidents.
t-roller: yes just like angina merkel is a clear sign of germany's gas problems.
t-roller: yes, he was good in the incredible hulk but not sure he was in captain america?
(t-rolling = trolling )
by mythtrap May 19, 2011
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'Imma do shit just to piss them off'- Hoodie Allen
Person 1: what is trolling?
Person 2: *puts on No Interrution//Hoodie Allen*
Hoodie: imma do shit just to piss them off
Person 1: thank you I have been enlightened
by pandapops November 26, 2013
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