When ones phsycological state and disconnections with other humans makes it acceptable to invoke a response from someone via the internet, typically with an emphasis on (one of the following)

a. trying to assert ones dominance over the other
b. attempting at ones very best to gain attention

This person is typically the individual in which has little, or no friends and doesn't know much about compassion. You can also get the rare troller, whom doesn't fit any of these categories, and does it just for fun. The way to distinguish them is to pay attention to their trolling habits and how they communicate with other people. If you notice an extreme emphasis on either a or b(above) than you've got yourself someone with little or no knowledge on how to have a correct encounter with another human being.

You can never really find a troll in real-life, or if you do it'll be in the drive through or he'll be getting picked up by a relative(as he doesn't drive.) Most trolls prefer to reside in their place of trolling, typically a basement with a internet connection.(Any isolated environment from other humans.)
No example can correctly pin-point the disease of the Troll.

If you're looking this up, for whatever reason you decided to look this up; you've probably got a troll.(trolling)
by Jakeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee January 12, 2012
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1. To make inflammatory comments on the internet for the purpose of starting controversy and gauging people's reactions.

2. What idiots say they were doing when they make an uneducated remark that is quickly discredited.
1. Troll: Halo invented the FPS video game genre!
Non-asshole: Shut up, you troll.

2. Will: Nixon was the best president of all time!
Michael: No he wasn't. Haven't you heard of Watergate or the Controlled Substances Act?
Will: ...oh, I'm just trolling.
by Richard Milhous Nixon July 28, 2009
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When you're so bored that you go on to mormon.com and ask them how erasers work.
Person: Hey, I have a question.
Mormon: Yes?
Person: How do erasers work?
Mormon: Why are you trolling us?
by Moozels December 29, 2010
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Posting rude and distasteful comments, sometimes for the purpose of a reaction and other times not. Either way it is malicious and whether it is intended or not can have serious consequences. Those who troll will laugh at that, but trolling fosters an environment that leads to more serious abuse also known as cyberbullying where lines are crossed which should never, ever be--like encouraging someone who is suicidal to commit suicide. This is bad humor, and while in your virtual reality it may be funny, in actual reality it's not. It's time to grow up.
See YouTube.com for endless examples of trolling.
by ehenry November 12, 2012
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you know that douche-bag under the bridge that wouldn't let people through? well trolling emulates that. also the world is flat and aliens account for all the unexplained things, like gravity. trolling is the one true path to seeing past all the education that's supposed to help us. i mean come on, what the fuck is up with the concept of money?! if i give you one paper money, i should get one paper money back. so if i give you paper with Abe on it, i expect any other celebrity (Abe Lincoln is secretly a singer). i think i like George Washington the best though. don't go and like try to spread this truth. seriously, don't... unless your a ginger with soul... but that's impossible cuz gingers have no soul. trolling is the noble art. don't abuse it, kinda like you shouldn't abuse hookers.
Abraham troll trolling trololololol money cole munging dirty sanchez soul souless ginger lincoln washington paper fuck hookers gravity truth bridge aliens world education screw you george douche douchebag
by smurfkiller1234 March 20, 2012
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When playing a game of Beer Pong if one or both players of the losing team doesn't make a cup, he/she has to sit under the table for the whole next game.
You: dude are you trolling?

Troll: yea i havnt made a cup yet

You: *make the last cup

HA now u have to sit under the table
by theheartbreakkidd91 August 25, 2010
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