The act of dangling your penis outside of your pants while in public in the attempt to attract a mate.
Dave was trolling the clubs all night until he caught a whale. ;-)
by Phatfred July 20, 2013
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Having hot steamy gay sex. Like, copious amounts of intimate homosexual intercourse. Uncontrollably having frequent sexual encounters with those of the same sex.
Le me: Hey bro, do you partake in mild amounts of trolling?
Said bro: Of course everyday.
by lemon_squeezus December 9, 2021
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Cruising a town, meat market or any location in the search for a new sex partner; usually for one night only
We went trolling last night and hooked up with some Danish girls
by Gojai August 23, 2017
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The act of 'tripping' on acid and 'rollin' on extacy at the same time, usually done by 'ravers'
Look at those queers over there dancing with glowstics and rubbing each other, they must be trollin
by trevdogg January 8, 2005
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Also defined as deliberately bothering people on the internet, trolling is the act of consuming both ecstasy and LSD and/or magic mushrooms. The combination of tripping and rolling creates the effect and the word; trolling.
Kaitlin went to that rave last night trolling her ass off!
by bigfatbagel August 22, 2011
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Taking tabs (LSD) and rolls (exstacy) togather to get a mad trippy effect. It will make you hollucinate like nothing ever before taken. Not recomended for 1st time users.
Yo is he ok? Nah he is Trolling, he said he that the pen was going to shoot him.
by Meatball9544 November 10, 2007
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Making a statement or a video that with the deliberate intention of provoking an argument or fishing for negative comments.
A few ways of trolling as a youtube content producer include effective use of bluffing, pranking, spoofing, & sarcasm, such as using hyperbole (lHateEverything), pretending to be dumb & illiterate (Our Third Life, TheGamerFromMars, & the author of My Immortal), or acting in a derogatory entitled manner (SammyClassicSonicFan & SuperMineCraftKid). The better your acting skills are, the more likely viewers are to be fooled into thinking it's genuine & make posts pointing out how stupid & wrong you are. Another method wildly used by 4chan is to get people's hopes up with a negative outcome, such as creating believable adds for a new console or fake tips to fix a phone or console that ultimately ends up breaking the device.
by ThatEvilRedhead December 25, 2015
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