When someone leads you or makes you believe that something is true under false pretenses and you are blind sighted by the actual reality of the situation and you have believed it for a long time until what you thought was real is taking from underneath you and you are left with damage and so much hurt in your memory of what you perceived the whole time to be real was nothing more than a sick game
After we broke up i realized later He put me through so much psychological abuse, and now i am left here feeling alone and in the dark.
by shayzack24 March 20, 2016
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Breaking someone with words instead of punches, to dominate unfairly.

The long term stress can actually exhaust the body to the point of causing physical damage, even to vital organs. But sadly it's not recognized by the police and doctors, so the victim can end up being the one locked up in a mental institution. The worst abuse is gaslight and is sadly done by health care too, by shaming and invaludating your rightfully sad emotions.

Don't allow disrespect or they will do worse than kill you. They will destroy who you are, your feelings, your self esteem, your joy, your capacity to run away by making you think you deserve pain and that's what love is (it's not), they will destroy your will to live and turn your life into hell.

It's one of the the true causes of "mental illness". It's an imbalanced between your needs and limits. (Neglect and abuse.) Don't allow abuse in any form, psychological can be worse than physical, it's harder to notice, stop and heal. And it's often the start of physical, sexual, financial abuse later. So take that huge red flag seriously right away! You could end up killed.

Not to be confused with constructive feedback from someone expressing their boundaries or needs. Cruel criticism is to break you into a slave, to make you give up your boundaries and needs, for their benefits at your peril.
He enjoys doing psychological abuse to his wife. By insulting anything she does, or doesn't do, or he even invent lies to justify his abuse. Because he feels humiliated at work and being the bully makes him feel higher.

A mom do psychological abuse by belittling her children, they're never good enough. Because that's how she feels after her divorce or when lovers dump her, and she wants to shift the blame, using the kids as a mirror for how bad she feels about herself.

People shouldn't used loved ones to vent frustrations that have nothing to do with them, scream in pillows.

People shouldn't destroy other people's self esteem to boost their own. Pick a hobby and gradually get better at it.
by TreeOfWolf December 24, 2021
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