Is completely pointless.
"Dude I've been trolling this guy like ALL DAY."
"So you've wasted your entire day. Nice job dickwad"
by Junkie Crack Pipe February 2, 2010
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v. To be under the influence of both LSD and Ecstasy;
This word is made from tripping and rolling.

See candyflipping
"It was great trolling with you last night."
by callinghome November 2, 2004
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There are many definitions for Troll. 1. Troll can mean tricking, frustrating people, etc. 2. A long haired doll toy from the 80's and 90's. 3. Another nickname for the 2016 movie, "Trolls"
My friend is trolling people in many games!
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The act of being bothersome or annoying to a group of like-minded people, usually with casual opposition, rather than sincere opposition, to those people's ideals.

Also, usually done over the internet.
The atheist-troll finished his supper, so he decided to do some quick trolling on Facebook, by posting pictures of giant flying spirit monsters labeled "God".
by WeThePreeple April 28, 2012
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Having sex with a homeless person underneath a bridge.
Man I can't believe I blacked-out and went trolling last night.
by Rizzo428 May 4, 2010
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Purposely pissing people off on Facebook. This can be done by commenting on statuses, posts, walls, pictures or videos.
Status: Person 1 had the best afternoon ever!

--Comment: why are you so fat?

Status: Person 2 is going to the movies!

--Comment: the movies is for ass holes.

Status: Person 3 's hair is really short now!

--Comment: contrary to popular belief, no one gives a shit.

Status: Person 4 loves purposely pissing people off on facebook!

by Timmy G. July 24, 2009
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