Responding through short, unhelpful, and often antagonistic means, or performing acts with the intent of getting a rise from people so it can be posted on youtube later. No longer bound to the confines of the internet.
sexy saxagram youtube video
A - you suk no0b! go slit your wrists!
B - kthx!
(both are trolling in this scenario)
A - your terrible
B - you're
A - stfu you don't know what your talking about
B - you're
A - gtfo your annoying
B - you're...
by Baaaaaaaaahhhh March 17, 2011
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Trolling is often intended to bait and as such is associated with malice and anger. However, in its common usage: it means misrepresenting one’s self in order to produce a planned reaction, generally to prove some sort of point ( example: everyone has a trigger). If "the troll" is being honest the term trolling does not apply as they are not engaging in misrepresentation and no malice or manipulation is intended. Trolling is similar to method acting, in that the more one believes one's own words the more effective one's argument. Which is to say that the most effective "trolls" have transcended and become believers.
"Ah, I didn't mean that. I was just trolling."
by That one dude..!@gh March 26, 2017
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Making a statement or a video that with the deliberate intention of provoking an argument or fishing for negative comments.
A few ways of trolling as a youtube content producer include effective use of bluffing, pranking, spoofing, & sarcasm, such as using hyperbole (lHateEverything), pretending to be dumb & illiterate (Our Third Life, TheGamerFromMars, & the author of My Immortal), or acting in a derogatory entitled manner (SammyClassicSonicFan & SuperMineCraftKid). The better your acting skills are, the more likely viewers are to be fooled into thinking it's genuine & make posts pointing out how stupid & wrong you are. Another method wildly used by 4chan is to get people's hopes up with a negative outcome, such as creating believable adds for a new console or fake tips to fix a phone or console that ultimately ends up breaking the device.
by ThatEvilRedhead April 03, 2016
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Act of appearing on internet forums and boards with malicious intent. Trolling includes...

-batting people to flame at you
-putting the forum down and encouraging people to leave.
-using several identities on a board to support your own arguments / stage pretend arguments
-generally being a dick on a power trip.
Some trolls claim they actions benefit others. These trolls are also twats
did you see the way that guy was trolling?
yep, he got banned.
i just filled in another account. you guys are dicks. why did you ban me? im gonna spam the place up for that!!
by pete s June 09, 2006
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deliberately arguing with complete fallacies on forums, comment threads, or message boards to get leets and other users pissed off by the troll's "ignorance"
User: Obama is a great president.
Troll: Obama kills babies and is a terrorist Muslim from Kenya
User: no! you are stupid (expletives may follow)
Troll: (continues to argue with fallacies)
User: (follows with angrier reply)
(other users may join in on either side)

NOTE: trolling may involve spam
by someguythatsboard November 09, 2010
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Intentionally getting a rise out of someone by expressing views or taking actions contrary to common sense or the person's beliefs.
Joe: Damn, I just lost all my money on the stock market due to the recession.

Troll: umad?

Joe: Stop trolling, It is not funny.
by DontUseYourRealNam3 January 24, 2012
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Posting rude and distasteful comments, sometimes for the purpose of a reaction and other times not. Either way it is malicious and whether it is intended or not can have serious consequences. Those who troll will laugh at that, but trolling fosters an environment that leads to more serious abuse also known as cyberbullying where lines are crossed which should never, ever be--like encouraging someone who is suicidal to commit suicide. This is bad humor, and while in your virtual reality it may be funny, in actual reality it's not. It's time to grow up.
See YouTube.com for endless examples of trolling.
by ehenry November 12, 2012
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