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A woman who desires to get married but never does so instead gets a cat. She leads a lonely life and dies alone in her house. Because she has no one in her life, no one notices she is missing from daily life. Her cat begins to starve so it begins to eat her to stay alive.
If my boss doesn't find a man soon she is going to end up cat food.
by Stephen February 15, 2005
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1. Proper Noun: Popular Rock musician, died at age of 27 of self-inflicted shotgun wound to head.
2. Verb:
To kill oneself.
"I like Cobain's music."
"I think he pulled a Cobain"
by Stephen January 9, 2004
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As forestated: A slang term for male genitalia. A male chicken (rooster). As a verb, an action denoting raising, such as that of an eyebrown or hammer of a gun.
1. That fucking-smelly-bitch ain't getting a hold of this cock.
2. The cock spurred the hen while giving it to her 'good'.
3. a) I cocked my eyebrow, realsing it's all fun and games until...
b) I cocked my pistol and then realised I wasn't American or in a high school, so I recycled it.
by Stephen September 12, 2003
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The excessive use of time for nonsense activities
Stop faffing around already, and please provide to me my work objectives.
by Stephen March 24, 2004
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description for something that is utterly gay
scott always gets such a fagical look on his face when he sees an nsync video.
by Stephen March 21, 2003
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v. past perfect tense of the infinitive "to crank"; refers to the the ultimate level or the uppermost possibility

adj. - refers a person, place, or thing that is the best, or superior
The club last night was crunk-tight! All the fly honeys were in the hizzy!
by Stephen November 26, 2002
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Why do you always have to go out of your way and hit on every chick that gives you a look?

Well, I do it for Da Taste! So just chill and lets have a Tasty time.
by Stephen October 30, 2004
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