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"a FD? woaaa like this is old. Like flinstones old.."
by BelgainDSoul August 12, 2003
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A securitytool to map open, virtual ports on a computer connected to a wordnetwork/word.

Used to find vulnerabilities in network enviroments, and eliminate potential security issues.
by BelgainDSoul August 10, 2003
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Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders version 4.

A compendium containing Mental disorders.
by BelgainDSoul August 12, 2003
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A disorder which affects the wordpsyche/word of the mental state of a person.

Often a result of an instable environment, abuse, or heavy stress.

Defined in the wordDSM-IV/word
by BelgainDSoul August 12, 2003
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The generation when Bambi Disney Classic first was showed, setting the start of unhealthy animal personification and cuddlyfication.

It's the parent generation which results in "extreme vegetarians" and all sorts of extreme "animal rights" which look at animals as humans.

Misc poeple who fail to see the risk of dangerious animals, cause they look at them as a giant teddybear resulting in death could be considered a result from the Bambi generation.

As is someone who is putting his/her castrated pet on a vegetarian diet unnatural for the animal calling up to stop animal abuse / more animal rights.
"Sheeshes, you'd think an adult would have a more sane mind. She must be from the Bambi generation."
by BelgainDSoul November 4, 2004
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An object, everything physical in opposition to wordsoftware/word
by BelgainDSoul August 12, 2003
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The wordexperience/word, perception of what one believes to be real or to wordexistword.

Mostly based on human senses; vision, hearing, feeling, smell or taste.

Sometimes based on a extention of the above, formed by wordreasoning/word or wordlogic/word.
"This virtual reality is soo cool."
"After the matrix, reality doesn't quite seem so real anymore."
by BelgainDSoul August 12, 2003
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