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A Manly yet, cute boy. often girls fantasize over a Trentin. If the Trentin is disrespected by anyone he will snap and make the person's life very unenjoyable. the trentin is sort of tall with great hair, has a laugh and smile that would make girls take their clothes off in an instant. The sex organ on a trentin is also very impressive.
guy - "holy shit! how does trentin pull bitches so hard?!"


Guy - "remember that one time trentin came to that party, and 50 girls ran up to the top floor bedroom with him?"
by trippynigga August 07, 2012
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Trentin is a boy. But not just any boy, he's quit an amazing boy. He's very thoughtful and sweet, nice, funny, and adorable. He's known for his impeccable soccer skills and his superior school knowledge. He's tall and very handsome. Looks best with short spiked hair and is nice to everyone. Maybe thats why he's easily lovable. He also enjoys eating cereal bars off the ground.
Trentin is in love with Katelyn.
by Katelyn021899 December 23, 2011
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