Something absolutely fantastic and one of a kind in greatness. Tends to be used to describe Irn Bru.
"That's Coke's aye raj ya wee midden. Geez us an Irn Bru. It's pure phenomenal, like."
by Limbo Murfbiscuit December 1, 2004
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a word generally used by lying bastards who overexaggerate everything they do or say.
I played an absolutely phenomenal shot on the 17th at the belfry last weekend.
by nobjockey1234 November 9, 2006
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Adj. Used to describe someone who is neither extraordinary nor unusual; but to do the complete opposite. It is used to mock someone, to make someone who has no special talents or traits, think they are "Phenomenal".
Diana says to a illiterate, 18 year old boy: "Your phenomenal at reading!"
by Mr. Sexy May 3, 2006
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Is the thing that makes you special! Sets you apart from others and carry deep inside you. No one can take it away but you can share it with others.
Find your inner phenomenalness today at
by Bronsen Stoltz May 2, 2018
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being a supreme being, unleashing a higher level of excellence
i set the phenomenance loose last night and peeple were afraid
by jbird79 October 10, 2011
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