To treat someone (typically a lady) to wine and dinner. It's to impress her, not necessarily implying sex is required. It's to try to impress the lady, not to end up with a guaranteed guilt-wrencher to imply a fuck is necessary.
I love to wine and dine my lady, to show her how much I love her.
by Asinine February 23, 2009
You fuckers have it all wrong. It is used as an expression to express your intentions with a female.
To "wine and dine" someone would be to take them out for an expensive dinner, with some expensive alcohol (not exclusively wine) and then to proceed with fucking the cunt off them.

It can also be used for us middle classed people. For example, instead of an expensive dinner, Mickey D's and a cheap ass flick.
I'm going to wine and dine that bitch from accounting. She's been asking for it all month.
by Tiddles Waterfall May 10, 2008
Term used by hotel-goers to prostitute themselves to the management in exchange for for a free room.
Patron: "Um, do you wine and dine?" *wink* *wink*

Front Desk: "Huh?"
by GBGXXXXV March 14, 2008
stupid ass phrase used by Georgian ex-Air Force reserve mofo's in an attempt to make you think they want to treat you like royalty in exchange for some homosaix taiim.
Bouy, Imma' wine and dine you this faiin evening.
by Babdag July 29, 2003
To drink red (or white) wine with a girl and then eat her out. Great way to earn a killer blowjob another night or have her tell the town you're all types of man. Sex is a possible outcome.
"Jake wine and dined Giovanna, apparently he had her legs shaking like a dog during a belly rub, I wish he would pay attention to me" said Sheila, who dreamt of stroking Jake's long hard rod with her tongue later that night, hoping that she could be next in line to be wined and dined upon.
by Timmyismyeviltwin March 8, 2018
If performed on a woman: sucking her tits and eating her pussy
If performed on a man: eating his dick and drinking his cum.

Can also involve eating ass.
Shawn: bro, what were you doing last night?
Jamil: me and my girl was wining and dining all night. She tasted fine as hell.
by TheFilthyDank July 12, 2019
To roast someone for a periodic length of time in the finest and most posh manor.
"Yall mind if I wine and dine on Minghao real quicc?"

"Nah its cool go 'head"
by EthanXXBradberryXXDatBoi July 10, 2017