you’ve probs seen “so real” on tiktok or used by a discord mofo. basically it’s just an ironic response to something that most people would find out of pocket or strange.
person: *sends hardcore ryan renolds midget look-alike doggy style porn

discord mofo: so real
by minionbananafarts January 24, 2022
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You are honest, you're a "real friend", you are telling the truth. Or a phrase used to tell someone that you agree with them
Person A: "The boyfriends webtoon sucks"

Person B: "You're so real for that"
by Moss Hazel!! August 1, 2022
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Quantrell Bishop's biggest puppet. In January of 2015, he was part of an experiment that got a group of the intellectually disabled online (including Raging Rob) and they all were benched by the beast. Since then, he's been destroyed over and over again by Pres (Quantrell)
"That's how my biggest fan, SoSlob (Now That's So Real!) became a scorned puppet."
by Dance YT Nerds October 16, 2021
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