Something that causes a cutexplosion or cutegasm
Damn, that puppy is so cutee. GGGGGGGAAAAAAAAHAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!
by Derpyface Chirpface November 26, 2013
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this is a phrase used to describe a person or thing that is cute but to the extreme.
“Did you see the new kid today? He is totally cute-cute!!!”
by randomlyhere. April 9, 2020
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Something that is adorable and makes you feel warm inside.
Rachel and Matt are so cute together!
by Frostmatt1337 November 27, 2010
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most innocent way to call someone pretty
she is just so cute lonquesha
by CutiewiththeCurls September 18, 2014
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someone really sweet and kind and all you can do is smile when you look at them. Their just so great and cute to be around.
he's so cute like a Janyk Theron
by batman's girlfriend April 12, 2011
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