The boy was thoughtful for holding the door open for an old lady.
by wassup98 June 17, 2011
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Look at that jar with a brain in it. It sure is thoughtful.
by RobertOldhead November 8, 2007
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When you overthink a word choice and accidently use the word twice
Ania: you must've have been nervous replying because you thought thought the word hi
Blake: LOL
by flabbwabbajabbanuna October 14, 2020
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you were under the impression it was a certain way, when in fact it was not
"You were gonna come to my party"

"Naw boy you thought it was"
by 202dc April 8, 2016
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to voice an erroneous thought aloud
"I thought that was the way you did it."
"Well, that's what you get for thoughting.|
by Braxl December 19, 2018
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Something that might get you into trouble if uttered aloud.
You know what I just thought? Oh, wait, nevermind... (innocent face)
by Balfdor December 23, 2006
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Humans are superior lifeforms because they are capable of intelligent thought. If so, why is there so much violence and hate in the world.
by some punk kid May 2, 2005
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